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School Policies

School Policies


Students are required by law to attend school punctually and regularly from six years to eighteen years. Student absences will be classified as follows:

1. Excused Absences: Absence for proper causes are listed in the State Educational Code for illness, medical, dental or optometrist appointments, court appointments and family emergencies.

2. Unexcused Absence: Absence which occurs with the knowledge and approval of parents or guardians but for reason which, though not acceptable under State Law, may be classified as parent violations not truancy.

3. Truancy: An absence which is an intentional and planned violation of State attendance laws.


1. Students are required to bring a note from parents the day of return to school after an absence or a phone call should be made to the office on the first day of the absence. Per Board Policy No. 5113 “Any absence or unverified absence that is not verified within 10 school days following the absence(s) will be changed and recorded as a truancy.

2. All notes of absence should be given to the Attendance Clerk. The note must list the date(s) of absence(s), specific reason for absence, and signed by the parents or guardian.

3. In case of extended illness (three days or more), assignments may be requested by calling the office. Please allow one day for this material to be compiled.

4. A total of 5 absences is considered to be excessive. When a student reaches this limit, a note from a doctor will be required for each subsequent absence, and a (SART) School Attendance Review Team will be held. The student and parent may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for action. Additionally, the student may be assigned to Saturday School and/or may be placed in the After School Program.


Any student who is frequently tardy to school without a satisfactory excuse may be regarded as habitually truant and a report on the student may be filed with the County Probation Department. If a police officer has a reason to believe a student who is not in school during school hours is truant, he/she may detain the student until the parent(s) and/or the school is notified. Any student who is truant or tardy three times may be assigned to Saturday School and may also be assigned to the After School Program. If 15 minutes late or more, the student may be required to report to the M.P.R. for special assignment in lieu of class disruption. (3Tardies = 1 Truancy)


If a student is going to be out of town, becomes ill, or cannot attend school for any extended time, please contact the school immediately.