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Dress Code

Dress Code


Important information: The Waite Middle School community views school dress as an integral part of the educational process. Standards for dress are essential towards preparing a student for real – world experiences. Just as employers and companies have dress standards, the school must also establish a standard of dress which properly prepares students for business and work. School dress must be neat and must display a positive self – image. Student dress must not detract from the learning process, must not endanger the student’s safety, must show proper attention to modesty, and must depict a student serious about learning


Solid grey, white or navy blue shirts (collared, no logos, except Waite logo) and school issued spirit shirts.
All tops, shirts and blouses must be hemmed and properly buttoned.

Not allowed :

Plain white or black t-shirts,
tank tops
extra long T –shirts (longer than 1” than the shirt)
spaghetti straps
strapless, backless, halter tops, low necklines, bare midriffs, tube tops
fish net or ventilated type fabrics,
camp shirts (Ben Davis),
the “baggy” look and the “torn / tattered” look.
Undergarments are not to be visible at any time.



Navy blue pants, shorts, skirts or skorts
Dark blue jeans
**All garments are to be worn of proper length and hemmed (no cutoffs or saggy pants/shorts) Shorts should end at or above the knee, no shorter than mid thigh.
Not allowed:

Sagging, pants dragging on floor, or pants tucked into socks, knotted or banded at the bottom


Closed toed, protective footwear must be worn on campus at all times. Shoes must be securely fastened with heel and side supports.
Not allowed:

Open toed shoes, flip-flops, slippers, beach wear, steel-toed shoes, white knee-high socks worn with long, knee length shorts, clogs, mules or platform heels (higher than 2 ½”).

Belts must be properly threaded inside the belt loops.
All jackets and sweatshirts must also be grey or navy blue with minimal graphics on them. College teams are ok. On rainy or cold days the jackets will not be scrutinized.On all other days jackets should follow dress code.

Not Allowed:

Hats, beanies or headgear are to be brought to school. (Except for school issued hats.) Unless it is for a medical or religious purposes.
Military belt buckles with initials, hanging belts, motorcycles chains, choke chains, studded belts, wallet chains and suspenders.
Professional sports team jackets

Free Dress/Spirit Days

Dress-Up Days: See guidelines for each particular day (Pajama Day, Western Day, etc.)
Dress code non-allowables still apply

Please see your student agenda for the more information about "Free Dress" Days

**Identification cards should be visible at all times.
If you lose your ID card you must purchase a replacement for $3.00 in the main office.


1. First violation: Warning - Student changes into uniform loaners. Clothing returned at the end of the day. Parent Contacted.

2. Second violation Parent notified by phone or letter to pick up inappropriate item and student must change into loaner uniform.

3. Third violation: Conference with Assistant Principal, snack and or lunch detention, parent contacted to pick up inappropriate item and student must change into uniform loaner.

4. Fourth violation: Conference with Principal, parent conference, Saturday School and student must change.